Today, Catherine Muller is said to be a young floral art designer at the same level as « Haute Couture ».

Her varied career path has given diversity and very high-quality to her work. She teaches classical grounding in floral art.
Thanks to her knowledge and experience, you will be able to carry out your own concept, to imagine and make decorations for restaurants and hotels, flower arrangements and modern and romantic bouquets as well as shop window displays.
Catherine Muller’s work, very meticulous and sober, is always highlighted with an artistic and feminine touch. For instance, the artist likes gathering large quantities of flowers from one variety, such as sweet peas, and then putting an orchid on one side.

Therefore, both varieties of flowers are emphasized.
Catherine Muller plays with contradictions, texture combination, blending a soft and a nervous material for example.
One of her favourite style is the « bouquet Haute Couture » : this concept is inspired by « Prêt-à-porter » collections.

Drawing her inspiration from current artistic trends, Catherine Muller draws and arranges the most « trendy » bouquet of the year named  “le pièce unique”